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First Haven Capital

Creating a safe and fertile haven where partnerships and investments flourish

Long Bay/Cane Garden Bay
Tortola, British Virgin Islands
Haven for Leatherback Turtles

First Haven Capital is a private investment group pursuing transformational investment opportunities alongside distinguished private equity sponsors. The firm partners with funded sponsors, independent sponsors, merchant banks and family offices on control investments in leading lower-middle market companies.

Based in New York City, First Haven’s mission is to find topflight sponsors with deal opportunities that fit squarely with their investment strategy. We believe there are hidden gems across the lower middle market landscape that can grow into dynamic organizations with the right partners. We strive to be a thoughtful and insightful resource for deal sponsors and company management.


First Haven derives its name from the sheltered coves that are the natural habitats for sea turtles; the founder’s family symbol. The different turtle haven pictures presented on this website represent First Haven’s aspirations to be a safe harbor for our investors, a constructive outlet for idea generation, and the first place sponsors look to when searching for a committed partner.

Jamaica Bay Wildlife Preserve, Queens, New York
Terrapin Turtle Sanctuary

Investment Strategy

First Haven’s team consists of experienced private equity investors and fund allocators. Through our due diligence we look to leverage these skillsets to understand both the underlying company’s potential and the sponsor’s ability to unlocking those capabilities. While passive investors, we look to bring the full resources of the firm and our networks to make sure our investments have the best opportunities ahead of them. We maintain a flexible investment horizon and look to align our interests with our partners.